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Many small companies cannot find the money to create a life insurance benefits program for their employees. If you work for a small company which has at least five employees as well as your employer and do not currently have a basic group term life insurance plan or a voluntary supplemental term life insurance program, you can join a Flexible Plan of Group Term Life Insurance policy.


Flexible plan or group term life insurance is an idea that is established by and paid for by employees. It had been intended to provide low-cost group term life insurance to employees where NO company has such a discount life insurance program in place. Additionally, it is for groups that aren’t covered by a Beneficial Life Basic Group TERM LIFE plan. Flexible strategies are voluntary programs that do not require the employer to contribute financially.

Low Cost discount senior life insurance program

Options that Have an impact on the life Insurance program premiums

Versatile term life insurance rates are dependant on the way the group selects their coverage: totally underwritten or guaranteed-issue. The group all together must choose one or the other. In the event the group chooses to be included in the fully underwritten option, a one-page health form/questionnaire must be completed at the time of application. The main health form protects the whole group. If the group decides the guaranteed-issue option, no health questionnaires or exams will be mandatory, however, the group terms and rates will be a lot more expensive because the company will be ensuring the entire group unconditionally.

Another option that will affect the discount senior life insurance program is set up group chooses to use “tobacco-free” or “tobacco-users.” There is also an option to blend both.

While the payments will fluctuate depending on the age range and coverage lowering schedules (these schedules allow for coverage to continue after they get older of 65 for working senior employees), you can buy your group term life insurance program with a twelve months rate guarantee. Also, if an employee chooses to stop working or quits their job, they could also convert their coverage for some kind of whole life program. Waivers of premiums for disability aren’t included.

Cheap discount whole senior life insurance program no exam


As with all programs, there are some restrictions that come with group term life insurance policies:

1. The monthly premiums must be paid through payroll deductions.

2. Coverage terminates when the staff turns age group 70.

3. Spouses are eligible for coverage but the face value might not exceed that of the worker or $250,000 (depending on your state’s maximum predicated on regulations).

4. In the event that you work in an industry that is known as a hazardous profession, you are ineligible to apply. Your spouse’s coverage is also at the mercy of occupational approval.

5. Dependent children may be insured for either $2,500 or $5,000 before the time of 26. Proof of insurability is required.

It is best to consult with an educated business financial consultant.

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